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In racing a lot has to come together to get you in a position to battle for the win. Preparation, concentration, commitment but most essential: great teamwork.

Join the JJ Race & Business Club and be part of our team.

– Johan Jokinen

Business Club

All the strongest and healthiest companies were created with the help of a good relationships. We ourselves know that we can become stronger and do better as a team with a great network at our base. What we on the other hand are able to do is produce a setting in which great new relationships can arise – relationships that can strengthen your company.

JJ Race & Business Club is created for all involved parties to benefit from each other though relationships made across professions. Several JJ Race & Business Club events across the year will be the perfect setting for members to meet new partners and make new relationships that can be beneficial for each company – all while having a good time and getting some memorable experiences.

The JJ Race & Business Club events are made for the members to share these great experiences and for them to acquire new knowledge that can benefit their company and we will do our utmost to make sure every member feels that their membership in the JJ Race & Business Club is time and money well spent.


As a JJ Race & Business Club member you will always have an open invitation to our pitbox and to our hospitality areas wherever we race and we are always keen on making it a trip worth taking no matter where in Europe we will be racing.

Having the advantage of keeping the LMP3 car at our workshop in Denmark makes it particularly easy to make use of the car outside the track – whether it should be for private company events or simply for promotion.

And how about actually trying the car? We have experience in creating customized track days at some of the best circuits in Europe where you have the opportunity to sit in the passenger seat and enjoy the ride to the fullest. Or – if you have the guts – you can get the ultimate adrenaline rush and sit behind the wheel of the LMP3 car yourself with professional instructions coming from directly beside you as you lap on some of the greatest circuits of the world.

No matter what, we will do our outmost to ensure you, your company and your partners can get to experience something unique though the JJ Race & Business Club.

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